Our team was tasked with launching Acer’s new Aspire Vero laptop, a symbol of the company’s mission to promote a more sustainable lifestyle. With features like a recycled plastic body and 100% recyclable packaging, this device is a direct competitor to Acer’s commoditized peers. We needed to find a way to make Acer’s new product stand out amongst a sea of similar specs and materials.
We decided, not just to promote a product, but to inspire a sustainable lifestyle. Our research showed that many consumers were already striving for a sustainable lifestyle. With the audience actively seeking sustainable products and attempting to maintain sustainable habits, we saw an opportunity to position the Aspire Vero as a device that allows consumers to invest in a greener tomorrow. Building our creative brief around this idea allowed us to fit the Aspire Vero seamlessly into the consumers’ idealized lifestyle.
Our team created the campaign “The Little Things” with assets across broadcast and social media. Each asset showed consumers how Acer’s device provided them with another opportunity to live a greener lifestyle. 
We showed consumers that Acer not only builds sustainable devices but is also a brand working toward a
sustainable future.

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