Breaking barriers between people and technology
Acer needed to actualize its brand purpose of making sustainable progress and improving lives through the use of technology. Our research identified two main barriers to a brighter future that technology could help solve and Acer could support: the digital divide and environmental sustainability.
Our way in was to find, partner with, support, and elevate the people who are working on the frontlines of these causes. We identified six such organizations: three working to close the digital divide and three working to create a more sustainable tomorrow. They are the Barrier Breakers.
The organizations were supported with device donations, funding, and videos telling the stories of their missions and partnership with Acer. The campaign launched on social media and led to a dedicated landing page where viewers could learn more and get involved.
Outcomes as of December 2021:
• Widened reach and funding support for partner organizations
• 6.5M impressions across paid social
• 135.6K impressions across organic social
• 20.2K Barrier Breakers page views on
• 80% increase in organic traffic after two quarters in market
The Bean Path
Tech 4 Troops
Computers for the Blind
One Tree Planted

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