Reaching the ever-elusive tech audience in an authentic way

Pluralsight wanted to reshape the perception of their brand and grow awareness of it. Our strategic work was built around truly understanding the desires of tech workforce leaders, along with the solutions that truly mattered. That meant deep research and rapid collaborative ideation through workshops.
A different methodology for a unique campaign

With our clients wanting something fresh and our (tech/developer) audience’s abhorrence for traditional advertising, we had to reimagine how a campaign could look. This led us to a creating a mockumentary series that was both absurd and relatable at the same time. Each episode championed one of our core RTB’s without ever feeling like you were watching an ad—which was exactly the point. 
Stories that keep changing the conversation

With 10 episodes throughout two seasons of the Shoulda Seen it Coming campaign in the books, this has become the most successful campaign Pluralsight has ever run. The stories and creative resonated with the audience and showcased the brand and its benefits in a whole new light. See more at
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